How Long can a Road Traffic Accident Claim Take?

How Long can a Road Traffic Accident Claim Take?

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One of the foremost widespread queries that’s asked throughout a private injury claim is however long can my claim take/why is my claim taking this long?

Many people while not a legal background ANd/or an understanding of legal procedure expect claims to run quickly, one or two of weeks most. however the fact is incredibly totally different, even a ‘straightforward’ claim will take many months and ‘straightforward’ claims area unit few and much between. there’s plenty a lot of to a claim than the general public expect, and one thing that on the surface could appear simple will become sophisticated terribly quickly.

In this article, i will be able to discuss however long Personal Injury claims will take and supply you with recommendations on what you’ll do to assist your case proceed as quickly and as swimmingly as attainable.

How long can a claim take?

It is virtually not possible to predict with any quite accuracy however long a personal claim can take. plenty of legal professionals can attempt to provide client’s a ballpark figure at the beginning of a claim however these figures area unit imprecise and for an honest reason. They merely don’t grasp. At the beginning of a claim, all you’ve got is your version of events, you’ve got no plan however the opposite facet can reply to the claim and no elaborate breakdown of the injury or losses.

There area unit plenty of things that may slow a case down.

During a claim there area unit plenty of variables to think about once making an attempt to estimate however long the claim can desire resolve, like can liability are going to be admitted or denied? can the defendants respond in the slightest degree or can they fight the “ignore it and perhaps it’ll go away” response

Spark: the “ignore it and perhaps it’ll go away” response ne’er ever works, ever. If you ignore a claim against you, the applier can get a default judgement which implies you may be judged liable as a result of you’ve got not fazed to have interaction or attempt to defend yourself.

It is not solely the opposite facet that may cause issues, however. you may ought to get copies of your medical records which will take up to forty days. If the police were concerned you may ought to get copies of their reports which will take weeks.

Your consultants will cause delays additionally, can the medical examiner be obtainable to examine you immediately? Or can you’ve got to attend many weeks before an arrangement becomes available?

Your own injury will slow your claim down, because it is troublesome to worth a claim once you are not totally well. it’s judicious to heal the maximum amount as attainable before subsiding your claim, this can be as a result of once you settle for AN in agreement figure for the compensation you can not return at a later date if your injury does not heal the method the professional at the start predicts it’ll.

Spark: You stand a way higher likelihood of receiving the right quantity of compensation if you’re totally recovered after you settle your claim. If you agree early and so it seems your injury could be a ton worse than you at the start complete you can not return to the litigant to assert a lot of compensation later.

General Estimates

As a general (very, terribly general) estimation, road traffic accident claims will take 4-9 months to settle (if everything goes swimmingly aka the opposite facet admit liability, the work comes through quickly, the professional will see you like a shot and your injury heals precisely because the professional predicts).

While it’s nice for claims to travel swimmingly, it’s the exception and not the rule. The on top of list of variables will, and sometimes do, occur, either singly or over one.

It is additionally usually accepted that the a lot of severe and sophisticated your injury the longer your claim can take, therefore a road traffic accident wherever the applier suffers multiple fractures can take longer than a low-speed accident wherever the applier suffers solely bruising and soft tissue injuries.

Why do these variables slow a case down?

In a nutshell:-

If liability is denied time should be spent argument this time, to undertake and persuade the opposite facet to examine why they were guilty for the accident. they’ll amendment their mind, they’ll not.
If the litigant ignores your correspondence, then multiple, serious makes an attempt should be created to form contact and receive a response before a default judgement will be applied for.
The medical expert’s handiness will slow the case down as AN freelance medical expert’s report could be a should ought to properly worth your injury.
Paperwork not being pronto obtainable can slow your case down as a result of you would like proof to support your claim, without it, your case are going to be weaker than it might be otherwise
Not being totally recovered, as aforesaid on top of you run the danger of not obtaining the right quantity of compensation if you are doing not wait till you’re totally recovered before subsiding.
What are you able to do to hurry up your Claim?
This is a straightforward answer if you’re running the claim yourself the most effective factor you’ll do to stay things going swimmingly is to remain as organized as attainable. Keep a calendar with notes of after you wrote to somebody, or after you referred to as them, and so if they need not consummated their obligation (e.g. causing you a requested document, or responding to your questions) then chase them. persevere prime of chasing the litigant and third parties, and this may facilitate your claim continue promptly. Respond quickly to correspondence you receive, even though the opposite facet is slow to retort attempt to not delay your own responses in an exceedingly tit-for-tat manner as all it will is slow things down more.

If you’ve got a solicitor, the most effective factor you’ll do to stay your claim moving quickly responds to your solicitor once they contact you (they are going to be aware that you simply cannot drop everything to be at their motion and decision however respond at intervals 48hours is polite and helps keep your case running smoothly). Also, if your thereforelicitor asks you to send out documents then doing so at following obtainable chance can facilitate keep your case running swimmingly.


There area unit plenty of various things that may slow your case down, from the litigant ignoring you at the start to the medical examiner not being obtainable for following few weeks. There are steps you’ll desire attempt to minimize these disruptions. you ought to currently have an improved understanding of what will slow your case down and why these delays happen.

If you’re transferral a claim then devour a LawCat guide. These guides area unit the most effective resource for those wanting to bring a proceeding themselves and provides you the tools you would like to be able to perceive the legal position and method. LawCats clear, telegraphic explanations guide you thru the method from begin to complete. With no legal jargon, simply gradual directions and guide forms & letters, LawCat takes the mystery out of transferral a claim.
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