How Much can a Claim Cost?

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One of the foremost standard queries i buy asked is what proportion can it price to bring a claim?

As well as being one amongst the foremost standard queries it’s conjointly one amongst the foremost tough to answer, right aboard, ‘how long can my claim take?’ the value of your claim will depends on many alternative aspects, like what quite illustration you employ, or whether or not or not you employ representation the least bit or bring a claim yourself. However, the most side that may have an effect on the value of your claim is however you decide on to fund it.

There square measure a range of choices accessible to you once it involves funding a claim, these will include:-

Bringing a claim yourself, after you don’t use a legal community and produce a claim severally mistreatment your own information and skills. the sole issue you’ll get hold of during this instance is your disbursements aka court fees, health worker fees etc.
Self-funding a legal skilled, after you get hold of a claim out of your own pocket, typically by paying cash on account every month to your personal representative.
No Win No Fee Agreement, after you solely pay legal fees if your claim is thriving, and people fees return from a little of your compensation.
Insurance company, if you have got legal cowl on AN contract (usually home or car) you’ll be able to use that policy to bring a claim at no price to yourself however sort of a no win no fee agreement you may lose a little of your compensation to legal fees if thriving and you’ll not get to settle on your solicitors, you’ll have to be compelled to use the insurance corporations firm.
This is most likely the foremost high-ticket choice as you’ll be paying the solicitor’s hourly rate. Hourly rates will vary from firm to firm and square measure addicted to however old your solicitor is. However, whereas {they will|they will|they’ll} vary from firm to firm there square measure limits to what a solicitor can charge, the rule Hourly Rates are often found here.

As you’ll see, even the lower grades square measure high-ticket. However, if your claim is thriving, you’ll be able to bring, as a part of your claim, a claim for prices that the suspect can have to be compelled to pay. however this may seemingly be negotiated on and it’s unlikely you’ll recover the complete quantity.

As well because the hourly rates you’ll even have to pay your solicitors disbursements.

Disbursements square measure things your solicitor has to purchase to continue your claim, like your medical records, the medical expert’s report, court fees, etc. These will vary from £50.00 for your medical records to a whole bunch (sometimes thousands) of pounds for health worker reports, and court fees, see this link for court prices.

IF you’re transfer A CLAIM THROUGH YOUR insurance underwriter.

This is most likely the foremost cost-efficient thanks to bring a claim. If you have got hand-picked the choice on your automotive or home insurance that covers you for legal claims, then your insurance underwriter can use their in-house solicitors to run the claim on your behalf. they ought to conjointly get hold of the disbursements. However, every policy is totally different, and you’ll ought to check terribly rigorously to ascertain what you’re and aren’t lined for.

This conjointly has the draw back of that means you can’t opt for that solicitor firm you employ, you’ll seemingly have to be compelled to use the firm the insurance underwriter uses, though generally your insurance underwriter can allow you to use an area solicitor. If you are doing use your insurance corporations solicitors then it’s seemingly that you just can ne’er meet your solicitor, all contact are going to be done via phonephone, post and probably email.


A No Win No Fee Agreement means that you’ll not pay any legal fees unless you win your claim. If you’re unsuccessful, then these charges are going to be written off, and if your claim is thriving, the suspect pays the majority of your legal fees. The a part of your legal fees you’ll pay if thriving is proscribed to twenty fifth of your compensation.

However, you will still have to be compelled to pay disbursements. Your firm might evoke cash up front for this (is thriving these prices will recovered from the Defendant).

IF you’re transfer THE CLAIM YOURSELF while not A SOLICITOR?

In this state of affairs, you’ll not have to be compelled to concern yourself with legal fees because the solicitor isn’t any longer concerned within the claim. However, you’ll be running the claim while not the advantage of a trained and old legal skilled.


In conclusion, the value of your claim can rely on however your claim is brought, if it’s brought in camera, through your insurance underwriter, or on a No Win No Fee agreement.

If you’re transfer a claim then obtain a LawCat guide. These guides square measure the simplest resource for those wanting to bring a claim themselves and provides you the tools you would like to be ready to perceive the legal position and method. LawCats clear, succinct explanations guide you thru the method of transfer a claim yourself from begin to complete. With no legal jargon, simply stepwise directions and example forms & letters, LawCat takes the mystery out of the method of transfer a claim.
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